You may be thinking, why shouldn’t I just do this myself? I can learn how to setup a website myself using Shopify.

Here are just a few reasons why;

Have you ever come across a DIY website? We all have, they’re the ones that stand out like a sore thumb and tend to scare potential customers away, as they look so unprofessional and unfinished. When you come across a website or any business that doesn’t convey a professional trustworthy image, you tend to take your business elsewhere almost immediately. It would be the same as visiting a builder for a quote on renovating your home only to find that the builder’s own home was unfinished and in a bad state of disrepair – you would run a mile!

The same is true for an online retail store, customers want to feel that they are buying from a professional and established business – someone they can trust, rather than someone who is sitting at home and has decided to ‘have a crack’ at setting up a DIY website and overnight online store that could disappear at anytime. If a store hasn’t invested any time or effort into their storefront or website, there’s every chance they will simply disappear and close down overnight. Having not invested any effort, time or money – they have absolutely nothing to lose. The business is hardly going to grow or expand.

Our Home Business Website packages use state of the art technology, have professional graphics, images and branding and are designed to attract customers and convert sales.

Our Ecommerce packages have been designed by experts in their field with a decade or more of experience. Our website packages combine not only style and design, but also offer;-

– Professional marketing and advertising we show you how and where to advertise your products and how to promote your business – loads of free advertising is also included! It’s pointless having a business or store of any kind, if no one can find you!

– Home business startup assistance and advice. If you haven’t operated a business before, there are many questions that you will have along the way. Most importantly you need to know all of the tax deductions that you are entitled to claim as a business owner. A Free Home Business Assistance visit will take care of all of this for you.

– Step-by-step training and support. Let’s face it everyone needs help and has questions that they need answered.  Support costs for even a simple question can be very high, let alone paying someone to troubleshoot any problem that you encounter with your store. We include 12 months free support which is provided by our own support centre with all of our website packages!

– Finding Suppliers and Sourcing Products. Lifetime access to our suppliers networks ensures you will always have ready access to the latest products, product trends and product sourcing tools – and over 4.5 million products to choose from! It’s vital to any business that you have not only first rate and reliable suppliers, but that you also have ‘backup’ suppliers in the event that anything unforeseen does occur to change your supply chain.

– SEO Search Engine Optimisation. What do you know about SEO and getting results in Google? Do you know how to best implement an SEO strategy for your website? Is your website specifically built to be Search Engine Ready and SEO Optimised? Our’s are! All of our ready-made online businesses for sale, are already listed in Google and all other major search engines. We show you how to build and expand on this. The back-end of our websites includes built-in SEO fields making it easy to get results.

When you take into account all of the above inclusions, it would be almost impossible for anyone without prior experience in a whole range of different areas to know and learn and then be able to implement all of the above – successfully and professionally.

If you do spend all of your own time concentrating on setup of your business, how much time will you really have left to focus on the business itself, on your customers, on the art of making sales and in growing and expanding the business. The simple answer is none at all.

And this isn’t taking into account or even touching on things like accounting, record keeping, taxation, keeping social media platforms updated and other essential elements of your business – the list is endless!

You will hear the most successful business people all say the same thing, outsource, outsource, outsource!! By deciding to forgo all the time consuming startup duties that really do require a professional, and to purchase a business that has been put together by experts in their field, you will have made the first of many smart decisions.

By purchasing an online retail store and business that is already setup, you will be able to ‘hit the ground running’ and focus on what’s really important and what you should do best – running your business!

Also keep in mind the on-going cost of using a website builder and a hosted website platform such as Shopify can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your store! Shopify charges around $79 per month to use its services and then also charges a 1%-2% fee for each and every sale or transaction. That’s almost $1000 per year just in monthly charges. This doesn’t include fees for every transaction. Times that by 10 years and you’re looking at well over and above $10,000 in usage charges alone.

When you purchase a website from us, you own the website outright, all included in the one low cost purchase price. Running fees (for hosting) are less than $80.00 per year in total. There is nothing else to pay! You do the math.