Ask any small business owner and they’ll tell you the same: It costs more to win over new customers than it does to keep existing customers coming back.

Experts agree that it is between 6 to 10 times harder to attract new customers to a business than it is  to extend the lifetime value of existing customers.

How can you keep your customers coming back for more?  By providing member discounts, discount coupons and incentives to your long term customers.  Discount coupons are a fantastic way to re-engage old customers!

Rewards and discount coupons aren’t just for big grocery stores and chain stores!

All of our Home Business Websites include easy to use discount coupon systems so that you can reward your customers, re-engage old customers and entice new potential customers to your store.


The following Discount Coupons can be easily created on any website;-

Free Shipping Coupons

Percentage Discount Coupons (eg:  10% Off your next order)

Fixed Price Discount Coupons (eg: $10.00 Off your next order)


Discount Coupons can be sent electronically by email to your customers or newsletter subscribers.


There is also the option of making the discount coupon code available to everyone that visits your website by including the details on your home page.


Discount Coupons is a winning formula for your businesses and a win win for your customers as well!


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