Working outside the home presents a number of problems and dilemmas, especially for those with families. Working parents must locate and pay for childcare, and the workload at home often becomes impossible to keep up with. Parents miss out on attending school functions and other important activities, and kids can suffer as a result. With an ordinary job, life must revolve around work, and set work hours – and this isn’t at all ideal for anyone who wants to achieve the maximum amount of happiness and satisfaction in life.

Starting a Small Business

Start your Own Small Business with Training & Support and Products to Sell!

You’re the Boss

Answering to a boss is normal protocol when working a regular job, and having to report to a boss can be trying to say the least. Starting a small business allows you to be your own boss and takes away much of the stress associated with working a regular job. When you’re the boss, although you’ll still have deadlines and obligations to meet, you’re the only person you’ll have to answer to. Having your own online business and selling products online does not typically involve demanding clients and customers, so you typically do not have to worry about them bossing you around either.

Every Day Casuals

Most employers enforce a dress code, and the required attire isn’t always comfortable and can run into a considerable amount of money. When you have a small business that you manage online from home, you can work in any attire you desire. You can even work in your PJ’s if you so choose! A small home business allows you to make all the rules, and what you wear is entirely your decision. You’ll never have to wait for casual Friday because every day can be casual when you’re the boss!

Transportation Savings

Fuel costs are ever increasing, and those who live any great distance from their place of employment spend a great deal of money on transportation and vehicle maintenance. Fighting heavy traffic and the hustle and bustle of commuting can be very frustrating, and having to commute to and from work wastes a great deal of time.  Time that could be much better spent doing something you love, or with your family!

It is possible to end the madness by starting your own small business and working from home, selling online from your own online store!. Besides saving money, you’ll also regain your sanity. You’ll never again have to hurry to make it to work on time, and you’ll never again have the stress of dealing with peak-hour traffic. The amount of money saved will add up fast, and chances are you’ll notice the savings within the very first weeks of starting your business.

Low Overheads

Many people are afraid to start a business because they are worried about overhead costs, but in reality, the overheads of starting a small business and setting up an online store are very minimal.  When you start your business with Home Business Websites, you only pay the ‘one off’ purchase price and this includes absolutely everything that you need to start selling online and to start your Home Business.


When you’re the boss, you can enjoy the flexibility of setting your own schedule. You can set your own hours and work when it’s convenient for you. This provides more free time for family activities. If you have school-age children, you’ll never again miss helping out in your child’s classroom or attending school carnivals and other special events. Having your own small business allows you to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that you probably never thought you could afford.

Tax Benefits

Tax deductions are one of the greatest benefits of starting a small business in Australia! Keep receipts for everything purchased for use in your business. Including; office equipment and office furnishings, your computer, internet costs, phone costs, printer, iPad or tablet, mobile phone, through to the cost of heating and cooling the room where you work, even portions of your rent, electricity and vehicle expenses are tax-deductible.

You will be advised about all of the “Tax Deductions” and Tax Benefits available to small businesses in Australia, when you book your Free Home Assistance Visit.  This is FREE Service available to everyone that purchases a Home Business Website package.

To find out further details, view our websites for sale and consider starting your own small business today! Having your own online eCommerce Store and working from home has never been easier.