The answer is simple, because you get so much more than just a Website!

When you decide to ‘go it alone’ and start an online business, there are so many pitfalls and so many things that you need to know when setting up your website and starting a business.

Starting a Business

Start your Own Online Business with Training & Support and Products to Sell!

There’s the technical side of setting up your hosting account, your domain name and your website.  Making sure that your website fits your business model and ‘fits’ with the suppliers, products and shipping that you will be using. There’s also the security surrounding your website and the way you process customer payments.  Customers need to know that their data and their payments will be secure.  It’s absolutely crucial that your website, its contents, your customer database, your customer payments, customer details and your email system are secure at all times.

It is essential that your customers payments are processed using SSL with an encryption key length of 128-bits which is the highest level of security commercially available, as this will protect you and your customers from any fraudulent activity.

You want your store to look “professional” with graphics and branding designed by a professional graphic designer.

Once everything is in place, then comes the hard part, you need to know how to manage and maintain your store and most importantly, how to promote it!

Without knowing how to market and advertise your business – chances are you won’t get any traffic to your website.  And no traffic, means no sales! Definitely not what you want when starting an online business!

This is taking for granted that you already have a pocket full of wholesale and drop shipping suppliers with quality products to sell, plus another pocket full of suppliers that you can use as a backup in the event that anything happens to your first choice of suppliers.

Training and Support – when you purchase ‘just a website’ from a web developer you don’t receive any training, tutorials, instructions let alone 12 months on-going support.

What about problems?  If you have any questions, run into any problems or need any assistance with your website or your business, you will be paying ‘top dollar’ to source these types of support services, even to have a question answered for you.

When you purchase a website from Home Business Websites, we take care of everything for you and provide you with the training and support that you need.

  • Your website is delivered to you fully setup and ready to start using immediately.
  • Your graphics are designed by our design team, ensuring that your store and branding are ‘professional
  • Security is in place and fully taken care of
  • Your hosting account and domain name are fully paid, setup and ready to go
  • Your website email system is setup and ready to start using
  • You have access to thousands of suppliers and over 4 million different products that you can sell
  • Training and Support is all inclusive
  • Marketing and Advertising, also included
  • SEO – We show you how to get listed in Google and all of the top search engines!
  • Social Media & Facebook Training for your business, that’s included as well!
  • There’s even small business support services and training, including;-  step by step video tutorials that show you everything you need to know about Starting a business in Australia. Plus a FREE Home Assistance Visit provided by a qualified Small Business Adviser, anywhere in Australia, to help you with all of your business related questions, one-on-one!


We show you how to be in business for yourself but not by yourself!

So many people try to setup their own website, and start their own online business and wonder why it’s not working for them – this is because you need so much more than just a website!

Make the right decision and give your new business the best possible start.

Purchase a ready-made online business for sale, or work with our talented team and let us create an online business and website ‘just for you’ based on your business ideas and our eCommerce Solutions.