Christmas is Coming! Now is the time to start your Xmas Marketing Campaign!

Keep in mind that you do not have to do everything on this list in order to have a successful holiday marketing campaign. Pick the ones that best fit your business and personality and start there. The idea is to have fun and be yourself, and at the same time generate more business by reaching out to your consumers.


Small Business Holiday Marketing Tips


Listen to Your Consumer!

Ask your customers what they want. It really is that simple! Do they want the latest gadget, or are they more interested in money-saving coupons? Post an online survey on SurveyMonkey or use your business website to survey your customers. Target your marketing campaign and messaging accordingly.


Give Your Customers a Sneak Peek!

Promote your holiday specials early, before all your competitors do! Host a preview sale, or other special event at your location, or feature a special offer combined with a teaser image or video clip online.


Get Creative!

Be cool and give your customers a glimpse behind the scenes. Showcase your festive brand, or products or perhaps your awesome customers. Show how easy and fun it is to prepare for the holidays with you and your team.


Make Them Feel Special!

Offer existing customers exclusive deals. Simple things like “Free Holiday Shipping” or a special coupon, code, or even discount on a future purchase work best. Offering your customers a deal that your competitors don’t will entice consumers to buy from you.


Send Them a Card!

This may sound strange in the digital age. But sending an actual holiday card can really make your business stand out. Thank your customers for their support and loyalty and wish them a happy holiday. This can have a big impact!


Customize Your Email!

Start reflecting the changing of the season. Simply by including Christmas and holiday-themed emails can make a big difference, this is important go get your customers in the mood to purchase.


Be Social!

Be sure to engage your customers through all of your social media channels. Get consumers excited about your brand. Social contests like ugly holiday sweater or cutest pet costume contests are a great way to engage your audience and collect email subscribers.


Don’t Forget Pinterest!

Speaking of social media, don’t forget that Pinterest has been proven to drive online sales better than other social channels. Create a holiday-themed Pinterest board that promotes your seasonal offerings and products. Be sure to include the URLs for all your holiday campaigns.


Have A Holiday Party!

Invite your customers to a private Cyber event in your online store. Give them a special incentive discount only valid during the event. Even if you do not have a physical location you can still host a cyber event using tools like Google Hangout or TweetChat


Don’t Make Everything Promotional!

Stand out by sometimes NOT posting or sending out sales messages. They bombard everyone in the holiday season. Give your subscribers and customers a break and instead post a team or family picture in Santa hats.



Get Personal!

This is the age of personalization. Make sure your messaging is targeted to specific segments of your audience. And make sure to include the recipient’s name. “Merry Christmas Jennifer” is so much more heartwarming than “Dear Customer.” Maybe even include a picture of your holiday party to show them how you and your team celebrate the holidays.


Plan for After The Holidays!

Today’s savvy consumers may even wait until after the holidays to complete their holiday shopping. Be sure to look beyond the Christmas holiday time frame to make the most of the entire season.


Getting Started!

Now you have our favourite small business holiday marketing tips. Use them to plan and implement your own 2016 holiday marketing strategy and campaigns. Your own holiday marketing will depend on your particular business and industry, so feel free to adjust as necessary.