Why Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners are the Happiest People in the World!

Is your 9-5 job making  you miserable? Based on a new global report released by Forbes magazine, starting your own business might just be the ticket to a more satisfying life.

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The Global Entrepreneurship Report, prepared by Babson College and other universities, underlines one very common factor “that Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, really are happier than any other people”. And in innovation-driven economies like Australia and the US., women entrepreneurs are even happier than their male counterparts!

Whether they run startup businesses or established businesses, small business owners rated their own well being and happiness higher than workers and employees who didn’t own a business.

Given that researchers spoke with more than 197,000 people in 70 economies to produce the report, the findings are significant.

The researchers asked both business owners and individuals who were not involved in running their own business to rate their lives based on these five statements;-

1. In most ways, my life is close to my ideal.
2. The conditions of my life are excellent.
3. I am satisfied with my life.
4. So far I have obtained the important things I want in life.
5. If I could live my life again, I would not change anything.

It is thought that businesses owners enjoy the greater control and autonomy that they have over their professional lives through self-employment. It’s one thing to work 8 hours a day when you have to start work at 9 am in an office cubicle that is a 90 minute commute away from your home. It’s quite different when you can decide that you’ll only work the hours when you are most productive, and you can work from any location that you choose. Knowing that you can start work at anytime, and knowing that your home office is only a 30second walk away from your lounge room is certainly a big plus.

The short answer is: People become and stay small-business operators for a reason: they find self employment more satisfying and it makes them really happy!


Michael Schaper, dean of Murdoch University Business School in Western Australia, used the Government-sponsored survey of Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia to compare more than 500 small business owners with almost 7000 employees.

The study found that, relative to employees, self-employed business owners are more satisfied with the work they’re doing and, with their flexibility to balance work and non-work commitments.

They found the self-employed have significantly more job satisfaction than employees. The self-employed are more satisfied with their employment opportunities and also their financial situation.

These findings also confirm the results of studies of satisfaction among small-business owners in other countries.

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Source: Sydney Morning Herald, Forbes Magazine
Picture source: manta.com