According to the 2015 Sensis e-Business Report, men spent a total of $6,500 shopping online, which is 2.7 times as much as women, who spent $2,400 on average last year.

“You might not expect to see men spending more than women online, but when you look at what they are purchasing it starts to makes sense. As an example, twice as many men as women purchased computer hardware last year”.

The 2015 Sensis e-Business Report found that 61% of males and 62% of females in Australia made online purchases.
This figure is HUGE and numbers are increasing each and every day for purchases made online.

The report found that men are more likely to purchase electronic equipment, DVDs, computer games and computer hardware.
Women were more likely to purchase cosmetics, books, clothing, accessories and shoes.
“It’s interesting to see traditional stereotypes playing out in online purchases. Men are buying more video games while women are buying more fashion  and cosmetics “.

More and more Australian online businesses are now selling to customers worldwide.

You would have to expect that the falling Australian dollar will see more and more businesses start to sell their products globally.

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