There’s no question that mobile phones and devices have become increasingly import for online shopping!

Millions of people are reaching for their smartphones when the urge to shop strikes! Whether at home or on the go, consumers are using their phones to browse and research products, hunt for deals and to make purchases!

Now more than ever it’s important for every business, particularly an online retail store to have a mobile optimised website.

Having a mobile optimised website can increase sales, generate more traffic, and also boost customer engagement. It will give your business ‘an edge’ over your competition, too!

How much does a mobile optimised website cost?
We can create a mobile optimised website for your current store, using your existing logo and website colours, for only $279.00!

Mobile Optimised Website

Online Business – Mobile Optimised Website

What is a mobile optimised website?
A mobile optimised website is version of your store that works side-by-side with your current website. A mobile optimised website automatically detects a mobile visitor (using any mobile phone, tablet or mobile device) and delivers a mobile optimised, super fast loading website to them.

A mobile optimised website will reformat itself for any handheld, mobile or tablet device. It will display larger navigation buttons, reformatted content, and differently optimized images providing mobile customers with the ultimate mobile shopping experience!

A mobile optimised website delivers a modified version of your website, that will load super fast on any mobile device. It will also automatically adjust in size to fit any mobile device screen size perfectly!

Is there any extra work involved in maintaining a mobile website?
No not at all. Your mobile optimised website will update all of the content, products, categories etc from your website, automatically. This doesn’t require any additional work on your part.

Did you know that Google is currently rolling out a “Mobile-friendly” label next to websites displayed in mobile search results?.

Advantages of having a mobile optimised website;-
• Mobile visitors can browse much easier and checkout must faster using a mobile-optimized website
• As much as 50% of all ecommerce traffic now comes from Smartphones and mobile devices.
• Rank higher in Google’s mobile search results!
• Get an edge over your competitors
• Offer your customers the ultimate mobile shopping experience!
• Offer your customers the latest in mobile technology


Available to existing Home Business Websites customers ONLY