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Wayne Bucklar:  You’re listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and today I’m in conversation with Deborah Harris. Debbie is the Founder of Home Business Websites and the URL for that is And Debbie, welcome to the program.


Debbie:  Thanks Wayne, good to be here.


Wayne:  Now Debbie, I’m excited to talk to you because I looked at your website and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s an exciting business idea.’ But I’ll let you tell the story, fill us in on what does Home Business Websites do?


Debbie:  Okay. Home Business Websites, basically what we do is we design complete online businesses and websites. So ready-made online businesses and ecommerce stores so that people can start selling online really easily and we include everything that clients need. So it’s not only the website, it’s the training, the support, the marketing, the advertising and I guess most importantly it’s access to our entire suppliers’ network for thousands of different suppliers and a choice of over 5 million products to sell.


Wayne:  Now I have to say when I went through this website, it struck me as being a brilliant concept from beginning to end.


Debbie:  Great. I’m glad to hear you say that.


Wayne:  Tell us how you got started? Where did the idea come from?


Debbie:  Okay. We’ve been designing websites in Australia for many years. Just doing your everyday websites for tradies, real estate agents, that kind of thing. Home Business Websites was started because we just had so many people all saying that they wanted to start selling online, wanted to have their own online business but they didn’t know how to get started or find suppliers, how to set up a website, or how to put it all together. So basically we put everything that you need to start selling online together into a complete home business package just to make it really easy for people to start selling online with no prior experience and everything is pretty much done for you and you can be up and running in less than a week.


Wayne:  Now I’m looking here at your website and I read ‘Kitchen Business for Sale $3,740.’ If I give you my $3,740, yes I get a website and I get some stock for it and I can start selling. What else do I get? What about training and how to make it work because I’m not a very skilled with this stuff?


Debbie:  Yes. So basically as I said, you don’t need any prior experience. Nobody that comes to us has any prior experience selling online. Everyone has perhaps bought or sold something but never actually had a website, they don’t need any technical knowledge or anything like that. So what we provide is step by step training, so training tutorials, video tutorials that show you how to use the website. They are really easy to use. You also get support which is provided from our own support center. So any problems, questions, anything like that you can contact our support center as often as you need to. They’ll either provide you with examples or login to the website and set up examples for you whatever it is that you need to solve the problem that you’re having. And you also get everything else, so marketing and advertising package, so that’s all of the same marketing and advertising that we use ourselves to promote our own business. And as I mentioned, access to all of the products as well, so using drop shipping suppliers is the way most people choose to get started. And when you’re using drop shipping suppliers the best thing is that there’s no outlay for any stock, you’re not physically keeping any stock or paying for any stock.


Wayne:  Now Debbie if I was to buy the kitchen business, do I have to then go and buy a domain name for that as well?


Debbie:  No. The domain name, the hosting, everything like that is included in the one-off purchase price.


Wayne:  Oh wow. Now, what about putting stock up on here? I know I’ve talked to people who do ecommerce shops and they’re forever taking photos of things and fiddling around with photo editing software and getting their products and prices online. Do I populate it with content?


Debbie:  Yes, most definitely. So all of the products, images, and descriptions and everything that you need to add the content to your website is included. So there’s no taking photos or cropping images to get them the right size, no writing descriptions or product specifications, that’s all included with our packages.


Wayne:  Wow, that’s a very comprehensive offer. What if I don’t like the domain name?


Debbie:  Yes. You can certainly change the domain name so when you purchase a ready-made online business we confirm with you what domain name you’d like to use for the store and if you don’t like the existing one that’s currently set up you can change it to anything you like, you just let us know immediately after purchase and we change it over for you.


Wayne:  Wow. Now Debbie, it occurs to me that if you’re selling lots of these, does it mean that there are going to be a hundred identical kitchen stores that are competing with me?


Debbie:  No, definitely not. I guess what makes all of our concepts and websites unique is that you get the lifetime access to our suppliers’ network so there’s a choice of over 5 million products. So you choose your own suppliers and your own products that you want to sell which is what makes every store unique and you can also find and source your own suppliers and products if you want to. So we show you how to do that in the package, there’s also things like identifying niche products that kind of thing, so all of that makes sure that your store and your content is unique and then the stores will never be selling the same thing.


Wayne:  Now Debbie, I’m running out of nasty questions to ask here. How about telling us some of your success stories? Tell us about what you would think is your most successful customer?


Debbie:  We have stores at every end of the scale. So we have those that are just starting out, we have those that are working towards I guess replacing employment and full-time income, we have stores that are I guess they’ve been with us for many years, so we have multiple people that operate multiple websites. Some people own four or five different stores so they come back and purchase a different online business every couple of years. We even have whole families, mum and the dad and the two teenage kids all have their own online business. We have people that go on to I guess branch off into the party plan side of things so they’ve actually got consultants that are going out demonstrating their products, giving out the business card with the website address on it and they’re paying their consultants just like an Avon type set up so they’re paying them a commission and we have other people that go on to have their own clothing label or fashion brands so they’re actually importing by the container load through our manufacturers. So they’re obviously doing very well to have their own label or brand name.


Wayne:  Indeed. There must be if they’re making enough money to fund that or enough turnover to fund that sort of level of activity. Now Debbie, I’m just glancing through the list of available stores here because I kind of wanted to just give people a bit of a sense of scope. So you have scented product business, jewelry business, storage solutions business, fancy dress, niche variety business, wedding business, health and well-being business, art works – there’s a huge range of business ideas in here.


Debbie:  Yes, there is. We have full-time market research people that are continually finding and sourcing new products and suppliers for our store owners. So yes, not only everything that some, we change and update obviously all of the online businesses that we have for example. We have suppliers that pretty much everything so everything from storage solutions, party supplies, aged care, new aged products through to drones and remote control and products and those kind of things as well. So suppliers for pretty much for everything.


Wayne:  And Deb I hear people talk about Shopify and other ecommerce solutions like that. How do you fit into the market besides some of those big-name commerce suppliers that are software houses?


Debbie:  If you comparing our business to Shopify, our websites are already set up and ready to go. So the advantage is you don’t need to create your own website from scratch, you don’t need to create your own graphics, you don’t need to set-up payment gateway or shipping methods. With our websites, it’s all done for you. Our team creates professional graphics and a logo for your store and it’s all included in the purchase price. Home Business Websites provides it’s clients with access to our entire suppliers network which includes Australian and International suppliers – and we specialize in Australian Suppliers and Australian Drop Shipping Suppliers.  We provide our clients with access to many different wholesale and drop shipping supplier networks and a choice of over 5 million products to sell. Compared to Shopify as an example, they provide all of their customers with access to Ali Express drop shipping. Ali Express is also available to our customers, but we don’t consider this to be the best supplier option. With Ali Express, it’s a Chinese supplier that has 20-30 days or more shipping times (not great for resellers or their customers), there can also be problems with language and communication, and goods may not always be authentic or legal.

Most of our store owners choose to use suppliers that are located in Australia and/or that have shorter shipping times with solid reputations. Also with our website packages, there are no monthly fees or ongoing monthly charges whereas with Shopify and other systems, you pay to use their services each and every month and the costs are on-going. You also never own your website. With Home Business Websites, you own your website and there’s nothing else to pay monthly – no on-going fees or charges whatsoever.  You also have full access to the code and back-end, and can change the website however you like.  You also have the flexibility to choose your hosting provider. You can host with any hosting provider of your choice.

We also provide startup business assistance and advice. Everything that our clients need to know about starting and operating a business in Australia.  This is a service only offered by Home Business Websites.


Wayne:  Now I’m in conversation with Debbie Harris, the Founder of and if I sound enthusiastic, it’s because I am. It’s one of those products that you come across in my job that you don’t hear about every day and when you find one, you think ‘Oh that’s really fabulous. We have to tell people about that.’ Deb, how can people get in touch with you?


Debbie:  They can certainly visit our website Wayne, or they can give us a call on 1300 655 970. The contact details are all on our website – they can also use the contact form or email address on our website.


Wayne:  Deb, I do appreciate your giving your time to us today. It’s been fabulous having a chat with you.


Debbie:  Thank you very much Wayne. Nice talking to you as well.


Wayne:  If you’ve just joined us on Business Radio Talkers.FM and you’ve just caught the tail-end of my conversation with Debbie Harris, the Founder of Home Business Websites, then you missed a fascinating fact. The good news is we have a transcript on our website, we also have an archive of the audio on YouTube, SoundCloud and iTunes and you can find all that on the Business Radio Talkers.FM website at Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar. You’re listening to Talkers.FM. Thanks for being with us today.