Thanks to the internet and the booming eCommerce industry, this has allowed for the growth of many home based business ideas and work from home ideas that can now become a reality.

What are the best home based business ideas and work from home ideas?

Start a Home Business

Start Your Own Home Business with Training & Support and Products to Sell!

– Selling Online from your own eCommerce Store and having your own Online Business and Website is by far the easiest and most affordable work at home business that there is.  You can start with just a single home based business idea with just a few products in mind to sell, and grow your business into something great.

If you have an idea for a home based business, for example selling Wedding Favours online, this could start out as just a simple online store but could grow into something much bigger. We have seen many online businesses start out as just a simple work from home idea to earn a little extra income, and over time they grow into something much bigger.

Some examples of growing and expanding an online wedding store include;-

Advertising – creating and charging for advertising space on your website for other wedding services, this could include celebrants, hire cars, wedding venue booking services, flowers, wedding cakes and much more

Expanding your product range – by including Gifts, Party & Celebration products, Party Favours, Christenings, 21sts, Engagement Parties, Themed Parties, Licensed Party Products and more. Your store could cover all types of Parties & Celebrations, specialising in Wedding Products as well as selling Giftware.

Personalised Wedding Stationary – creating your own professional wedding stationary and invitations is a service that is readily accessible and DIY kits can easily be purchased online

Wishing Well Hire – this is a popular and fast growing industry to hire out Wishing Wells and collect them after the wedding. Wishing wells can be purchased online and hiring them out is a great sideline for any wedding business

Wedding Doves – ever thought about keeping a few pet doves or white pigeons? They only cost a few dollars to purchase and are very easy to train. It’s very simple to hire them out to a wedding venue and you won’t even need to collect them, they make their own way home automatically just like pigeons. This is another growth industry with low start up costs and high returns.

Wedding Themes – provide a personalised theme design/supply service for the busy bride to be. This could include sourcing ‘beach’ themed wedding favours and bonbonniere through to researching honeymoon destinations.

Travel – tap into the wedding travel business and partner with a local travel agent or sign up with one of the many online travel companies paying high affiliate commissions for referrals. All you need to do is provide a link for travel and/or honeymoon destinations, popular wedding destinations on your website and you will be paid a commission for each and every sale.

These are just a few examples of how simple home based business ideas, can start with just a single product and an online store, and can grow and expand into something much, much bigger.

If you have your own home based business ideas and work from home ideas – we’d love to hear about them!

If you already have your own small business that you are looking to expand but are not sure how to get started, we can also assist you with this! Perhaps you’re a dog groomer looking to advertise your services online – ever thought about selling Pet Products as well? What a fantastic way to expand your current business and to offer your existing customers – something more! We can create a website and online business to promote your dog grooming services and to also sell pet products.

There are many other examples and home business solutions that we can assist you with to grow your existing business or to start something brand new.

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