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Interested in becoming a Supplier and having your products included in our Suppliers Database?

If your company and products successfully meet our criteria, your products will be made available to all of our store owners in Australia and worldwide. This is a huge opportunity for Wholesale & Drop Shipping Suppliers to increase sales and grow their businesses.suppliers-database

What are the requirements and criteria for becoming a supplier?

1)  Registered and established business
2)  Wholesale supplier and/or able to provide a drop shipping service
3)  Solid business reputation
4)  Provide a high level of customer service and be easily contactable via email, chat and/or phone
5)  Service all locations in Australia and/or Worldwide
6)  Website setup to accommodate a drop shipping
7)  Provision of additional reseller discounts and/or additional VIP pricing will be highly regarded
8)  Paypal Verified Businesses will be highly regarded
9)  Provision to accept secure online payments by Paypal, Credit Card and/or Bank Deposit
10) Provision of Secure Payments, Secure Customer Data and Privacy Policies should be in


We do consider and review all products from all Suppliers, however eligibility for inclusion in our Suppliers Network is ‘subject to final approval’ by Home Business Websites Pty Ltd.

If you feel that your business meets the above guidelines, please contact us for further information and consideration of inclusion in our Suppliers Database.

Types of Products & Suppliers Wanted;-

  • Wholesale Baby Products
  • Baby Products Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Gifts
  • Gifts Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Computer & IT Products
  • Computer Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Outdoor/Camping Products
  • Outdoor/Camping Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Children’s Clothing
  • Kids Clothing Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Baby Clothing
  • Baby Clothes Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Toys
  • Toys Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Ladies Fashion
  • Ladies Clothing Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Plus Size Clothing
  • Plus Size Clothing Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Shoes
  • Shoes Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale New Age Products
  • New Age Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Maternity Clothing
  • Maternity Clothes Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Mens Clothing
  • Mens Clothing Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Pet Products
  • Pet Products Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Homewares
  • Homeware Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Organic Products
  • Organic Products Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Jewellery
  • Jewellery Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Cosmetics, Health & Beauty
  • Cosmetics Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Electronics
  • Electronics Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Tools & Automotive
  • Tools & Auto Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Wholesale Wedding Favours & Bomboniere
  • Wedding Drop Shipping Suppliers
  • Unique and Niche Product Suppliers
  • All Other Products!

We look forward to hearing from all suitably qualified businesses and Suppliers and to welcoming you to our supplier network.



    • Thanks for providing me with all of the new updates and additions to your package. Having access to all suppliers is wonderful and the Facebook and Social Media training package is just what I needed. I’ve never used Facebook for Business purposes, and you are right in saying that it is an outstanding free marketing tool. Your video tutorials make it all so easy to follow. I’m now a guru (well almost – LOL) in using Facebook Insights to monitor…

      Beverley Hill

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    • Just a quick email to let you know that my business website is now live and up and running! I launched it this morning and have already had 3 sales!! Thank you to your team for your quick support and I am looking forward to building my little business into something big! Thanks again Kind Regards,


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    • Just touching base & letting you know that I am doing really well. My shop has just taken off. I have made lots of sales so far. About 3 weeks ago, I got so busy, I had an order everyday! I’m having a TV add starting next week so will see how much traffic that generates too. Thanks again for this great business, all in the comfort of my own home & looking after our new little man,time has flown…


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    • Thank you for the outstanding service and the professional websites you have set up for me. My wife loves her new part time at home job! The website is easy to use and when I’ve been stuck you guys have helped straight away. Once again thanks. All the best for Xmas and the New Year.

      Michael & Mary

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    • Thanks for your help. I’m so glad I bought from you guys, as your help these last 6 months has been amazing.


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    • Sorry I wasn’t able to call, my plans don’t always go ‘as planned’, the joys of motherhood!  This 2013-2014 financial period, I more than doubled my sales of 2012-13! And I have 2 kids….. a 2 & half year old + my husband, lol + Uni study + my day job 3 days per week and a social life somewhere in there . I am actually going to stop my day job very soon , the business is bringing in really good…


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    • Loving my new online business, still learning the ropes but so far so good, all very do-able.  I must be doing something right as I’ve had two sales and haven’t yet put much effort into advertising. Had a problem with my email address but your team sorted it out (or should I say sorted me out) really quickly.  Having that extra support available if I need it, is invaluable. I will keep you updated on my progress, but so far…


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    • Cannot thank you enough.  Started out selling Toys and ended up selling Organic Products, who would of thought!  Appreciate your assistance in re-branding my website and creating the new logo.  I guess I just looked at things differently once I had my first bub.  All of the other mums that I knew wanted natural and organic toys and clothing and so did I.  I now have a beautiful store selling products that I’m passionate about.  My daughter also has a…


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    • Stoked, stoked, stoked – thanks so much guys. Website is brilliant and the colour changer has kept me busy for hours, trying out all different colour variations. Finally narrowed it down to 3 that I love, and will be changing between these 3 schemes throughout the year. On a bit of learning curve, but so very happy that I decided to take the plunge and finally get started. Thank you, I look forward to your continued support in 2015. Give…


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    • Just wanted to share a quick update with you. We had a record month in September in almost every area. Record profit, Record revenue and Record number of orders through the website. We opened an eBay version of the store in late August which also contributed to record number of orders overall (through the website + through eBay). We won a record deal (a child care centre bought 6 high chairs) and recorded a record profit in a single sale!…

      Dominik – Update to Video Testimonial : October 2016

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    • Good morning Support,  Thank you once again for all of your assistance – your support has always been FANTASTIC!!! Very Much Appreciated. Friendly Regards,  Deidre


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    • I highly recommend Home Business Websites. I bought my online business website from Home Business Websites almost 2 years ago and it was the best business decision I have made. I looked at many other platforms however they all would require designing the website from scratch. With HBW I got a working template, logos already designed and a website ready to launch my business. HBW after sales support has been absolutely phenomenal. I cannot praise their support team enough.…


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