Choosing a name for your website, and your new online business  can be the beginning of a great brand.

You want your store name to be memorable, easy to spell,  and also to convey a certain feeling when heard.

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Things to think about when choosing a domain name for your online store;-

  1. Think about how you want people to feel when they hear your store name. Are you more interested in customers instantly knowing what your store sells simply by hearing the name, or in having a catchy ‘brandable’ name that is easy to remember?
  2. Think about related words and phrases. Using a thesaurus can be helpful to find synonyms for words and phrases that you like.
  3. Think about other options. Find the Greek and Latin translations of your words. Figure out what colours, gemstones, plants, animals, etc., relate to your words.
  4. Experiment. Start playing with combinations of your various words and partial words. Start by making a good old fashioned list.
  5. Go over the list with a family member or a friend. Get their input about potential names that you have selected.
  6. Discard any names that just don’t fit or sound right and make a prioritized list of the rest.

There are several online tools that you can use to help you find good available domain names. These include domain name registrars, such as  Use domain name registrars to check domain name availability

Name Tumbler – combine your chosen keywords with adjectives, nouns and other keywords to come up with new name suggestions

Name Boy – combine keywords to generate lists of available domain names

Bust a Name – another great domain name suggestion tool


  1. Try to keep the domain name to a reasonable number of characters (less than 20 is recommended). There’s nothing worse than having to type in a long and lengthy domain name. You want to try to avoid customers making errors and ‘typos’.
  2. Make sure that the domain name is easy to pronounce. You don’t want your customers struggling to pronounce the name of your store. This makes it difficult to tell others!
  3. Avoid using really obscure spelling. It’s fine for children’s names but not so good for website names. Changing the spelling of a common dictionary word to something really odd and obscure again leaves room for error. Whilst it’s true that obscure spelling can work to your advantage with regards to branding, particularly if it’s a name that is easy to remember, such as “Xciting”, choosing a name that includes something like 2 or 3 e’s within the title such as is going a bit too far.

What about including keywords within a domain name, will this assist with your search engine rankings?

It is true that Google and other search engines, do take into account ‘keywords’ within your domain name.

Having a domain name that matches your target keyword(s) does offer some benefits, but there is an equally important factor that you should consider, and that is the ‘brandability’ of the domain.

Your brand is important, and your domain name is the foundation upon which your online brand will be built. Your domain name is how users will find, remember, share and identify your online business. In both social media and search engines, the domain name is the primary way by which users can identify where the link will lead.

Also worth considering is the products that you will be selling.  If you are not 100% sure of exactly what products you will be selling, and you plan to have more of an online department store / variety style of website, we would suggest that ‘brandability’ is going to be more important than using keywords in your domain name.  Having a brandable and catchy domain name also gives you flexibility in the future to easily change the products that you choose to sell.

As an example, if your domain name is;  CushionsandHomeware, this conveys to your customer that your website is selling cushions and homewares.  Having these keywords in the domain name may offer an advantage with search engines.  But this is only effective if you are selling cushions and homeware.    If you decide 5 years down the track that you want to change the direction of your business and sell Clothing and Accessories, then the domain name will be of little to no value and will in fact misrepresent the products you are selling.

However if your domain name is something ‘brandable’ or generic like; Dodo, Amazon, McDonalds or Online Bargains – this allows you to sell absolutely anything, and to build your ‘brand’ around any products that you choose to sell.

At the end of the day, the choice of domain name that you choose for your new online business and website is really up to you.  Once you have compiled a list of your top 5 or 6 available domain names, you should then take into account if ‘brandability’ or use of keywords within the domain name is going to be more important to you and to your business in the long run.

Most important of all, the domain name that you choose for your new online business has to be something ‘that you like’ and that you will be happy using for the next decade or more.

All our ready-made websites and online businesses for sale already include a premium domain name. You have the option to keep using the existing domain name, or to select a new domain name.

We hope that this article is of assistance to you in finding and selecting a new domain name for your online business and website.