Free shipping is a competitive necessity for some online retailers. While there are certainly costs associated with Free Shipping, there are also some reasons to feel good about offering it.

When companies like Amazon first introduced free shipping several years ago, it might not have made sense for every ecomerce merchant, particularly small ones, to follow suit. But with scale and growing customer expectations, free shipping has become both common and beneficial to online sellers.

Here are some benefits of offering Free Shipping;-

1. Free Shipping Can Increase Sales Revenue

Free shipping is popular with shoppers, that much obvious!  Studies show that customers will seek out merchants offering Free Shipping, and that they will often ‘spend more’ if Free Shipping is made available.


2. Free Shipping Boosts Average Order Value

When free shipping offers include a minimum purchase threshold — like $25, $50, or $75 — many shoppers will add extra items to their carts just to meet the threshold.


3. Loyal Customers Love Free Shipping

Reward your loyal customers and make them feel special by making Free Shipping available – only to them!  If you repeat this offer and make Free Shipping available say twice per year for one week, you will find that regular customers may spend more during the week of Free Shipping, and that previous customers who may not have visited your store for a while, will be enticed back!


4. Free Advertising!

Let’s not forget that customers also like to share Free Shipping websites and Free Shipping Opportunities online via Social Media.  This can be a fantastic source of FREE ADVERTISING for your business ….. and who doesn’t want that!